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General Rules & Notifications

  • All the students of the institution were supposed to be soft in nature, behavior and manners within or outside the institution and into the society. It is compulsory for all the students to follow the disciplinary rules of the institution. It is strictly prohibited to disobey the rules and commit such an act by which the environment of the education, institution and the society will be polluted.
  • 75% attendance is mandatory for all students. Failing this the students can be withheld from giving exams and can even lead to expulsion from the institute.
  • Paying the dues of the institute is the responsibility of each individual.
  • Every students will have to follow the prescribed dress code of the institute.
  • Disturbing the class, examination, library, sports or the office work in any manner is strictly prohibited.
  • Every session includes a home examination in which attendance of each and every student is mandatory.
  • Admission fees should be deposited as whole at once. No part payment will be accepted.
  • Attendance of students is mandatory on National Festivals (26th january,15 August,2nd October) and the college foundation day.
  • Identity Card:Immediately after securing admission each student should request their duly signed identity card form the office .Students should provide their photograph for the same and should bring their identity card daily to the college. Duplicate identity card will be issued in payment of Rs 80.00